The story

What is Kalea?

Kalea is a supermarket brand that offers quality service and attention through a trained human talent that strives every day to meet the needs of its customers. It was therefore necessary to migrate this experience to the Internet, with a site that was warm, friendly and efficient, like the workers and facilities of its branches.

Some of the challenges were...

Integration of an e-commerce site with the “Stellar” client system. The solution was to integrate with the Stellar client's administrative platform, from this the entire process flow was proposed together with the Kalea team for a new online sales channel.



Service purchased

E-commerce and administrative system

Main challenge

Integration of the e-commerce site with the client's Stellar system

To be able to realize this e-commerce it was necessary a parallel development of two websites: An administrative system built upon the management and inventory of the self-markets and an attractive website for customers with a simple and friendly purchasing process that was visually appealing and adhered to the brand guidelines.

<p><strong style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Angular</strong></p>


Angular is a tool for developing web applications capable of scaling from small projects to enterprise platforms.

<p><strong style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255); background-color: rgb(6, 6, 6);">Firebase</strong></p>


Firebase is a set of backend cloud computing services and application development platforms provided by Google

In conclusion

When integrating the administrative platform of the client Stellar, the process flow was planned together with the Kalea team, with a structure of roles and tasks to build this new online sales channel. Thus we obtained a platform with efficient and fast loading speed and an intuitive user experience that allowed Kalea to cover a greater demand with a geographical scope superior to that of its current locations.